Annual Meeting of Parishioners


The Annual Meeting of Parishioners will take place on Sunday 24 June 2018. There will be a Eucharist at 9.00am, followed by a brief meeting to receive the budget and elect office-bearers. Annual Meetings are governed by The Parish Governance Statute 2016. You can read all about Annual Meetings in the Diocese of Perth here.

All forms may be collected and submitted at the ANNUAL MEETING TABLE located inside Parish Centre.

■ You can read the Annual Report here

■ The Rector’s Report is available to read here.


To be eligible to vote at the Annual Meeting, you must be an enrolled member. The enrolment form may be found here, or you can pick up a hard copy on the annual meeting table.

At the Annual Meeting on 14 June, we will be electing office-bearers. Please consider if God is calling you to stand for one of the following positions:

Primarily, Wardens are responsible for the physical property of the Worshipping Community. In our case, this includes the Church building, Parish Centre, lych gate, Rectory and grounds. Two are elected by the Annual Meeting and and one is appointed by the Rector.

Church Councillors
Church Council is the administrative body of the Worshipping Community. It consists of the Wardens, plus 4, 8 or 12 members. The Annual Meeting elects three-quarters of the Councillors, and the Rector appoints one quarter. Each Councillor takes on a portfolio of responsibility such as Archives, Communications, Finance, Communications, Risk Management, Secretary and so on.

Synod Representatives
The Rector and two lay members of the parish attend Synod, which is like the annual ‘parliament’ of the church. Synod makes decisions about legislation and policy, and scrutinises the activities of Diocesan bodies. The Annual Meeting elects two Representatives and two alternates.

Nominators of Clergy
If the position of Rector falls vacant, the four Nominators (one of whom is a Warden) work with four Diocesan Nominators, the Archdeacon and the Area Bishop. They undertake a search and recommend a suitable person for the Archbishop to appoint. It is not anticipated that the Nominators will be required to work in the coming year, however they must always be ready and willing to do so.

Nominations must be submitted by Sunday 24 June. Please nominate using this form. Forms are also available from the ANNUAL MEETING TABLE.

If you have any questions about the budget, please contact Treasurer James Saunders or Assistant Treasurer Jill Mackenzie. Their details are in the parish directory.

Church Council has not identified any matters requiring a vote by the congregation. However, enrolled members may move a motion provided ‘…nothing may be done by a Meeting of Enrolled Members that interferes with the authority of the Archbishop, the rights of the Trustees, the proper functions of the Rector, or the powers of the Council’. Notice of motions must be received by Sunday 10 June 2016 and may be emailed to stcuthberts[at]

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