Bridges to Peace – Interfaith Prayer Gathering


Representatives of Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Baha’i and other faiths will gather in Darlington on Saturday 19 August to pray for peace. ‘Bridges to Peace’ is an interfaith prayer gathering jointly organised by Mundaring Baha’i Community and the Anglican Parish of Darlington-Bellevue.

‘Bridges to Peace’ has been chosen as the title of the gathering. The title recognises that religion can be the cause of division and violence, but that most people of faith seek understanding and mutual respect.

The interfaith prayer gathering will run for about 45 minutes. It will feature prayers, readings and music from a number of faith traditions, followed by refreshments. The intention is to create a inspiring, respectful space. People will have the opportunity to pray side-by-side, learn a little more about one another’s beliefs and reflect on the essential harmony of all people. There will be no sermon, no collection, and no one will try to convert you!

The Anglican Church is proud to play host to this opportunity to build understanding, and is grateful to the Mundaring Baha’I community for initiating the gathering.

This Gathering has been inspired by the Light of Unity Festival, celebrating the bicentenary of the birth of the founder of the Baha’i faith, Baha’u’llah. It is hoped that this will be the first of many regular interfaith prayer gatherings in the hills. The next gathering has been scheduled for Saturday 11 November.



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