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Seeking Baptism? - Hills Anglicans

Seeking Baptism?

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Baptism is a symbol of the new life that God makes possible through Jesus Christ. It is the sign of membership of the Christian faith. When infants are baptised, their parents and godparents make promises on behalf of the child, and commit to raising the child as a follower of Jesus. When adults are baptised, they make these promises for themselves.

The baptismal promises are:

Do you turn to Christ? I turn to Christ
Do you repent of your sins? I repent of my sins

Do you reject selfish living and all that is false and unjust? I reject them all
Do you renounce Satan and all evil? I renounce all that is evil
Will you each, by God’s grace, strive to live as a disciple of Christ,

loving God with your whole heart,
and your neighbour as yourself, until your life’s end? I will, with God’s help

Sometimes parents are not ready to take on the promises of baptism for their child. Some would prefer to allow the child to choose to be baptised as an adult. In such cases, we are able to conduct a service of ‘Thanksgiving for a Child’ which publicly celebrates the birth of the child, but does not require the baptismal promises.

We welcome enquiries about baptism for people of any age. Baptisms are usually conducted in one of our regular services, or sometimes at another time. Please call the Rector on 08 9299 7274 to start a conversation.

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