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Sunday 5.00pm - Hills Anglicans

Sunday 5.00pm

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***NB This Service is currently in recess***

What to expect from the 5.00pm congregation:


The evening congregation consists of a diverse range of people who like to explore and celebrate faith through shared fellowship and dialogue. This is what you can expect if you come on a Sunday evening.

Gathering – 5.00pm
We gather in a circle, and the host offers words of welcome. We are invited to name concerns, prayers, goals and celebrations. We pray or sing together. The options for the evening are explained, and we disperse.

Exploring – 5.15pm
We re-form in groups to explore our faith in a variety of ways. At different times we engage in: contemplative spirituality; scripture study; theological reflection; working for justice and peace; creative expression; book discussions; and charitable works. From time to time (about once every six weeks) we form a ‘Listening Circle’ in which the whole congregation listens and speaks about their discoveries, puts forward suggestions for the future and builds consensus about our common life.

Feasting – 6.00pm
We set tables and lay out a simple meal. We give thanks – sometimes by sharing the Eucharist (also called Holy Communion or the Lord’s Supper) and sometimes by offering prayers of thanks. We share a meal together.

Sending – 6.45pm
When the meal is finished, we encourage one another to be faithful in the coming week, and we formally conclude our gathering. We work together to wash up and pack up.

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